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4. Jan, 2017

If you have a strong desire to be creative and would love to draw or paint, then go for it. There is a misconception that artists are born with that particular talent. People often say to me "you are so lucky to be born with such great talent" - WRONG, I was always creative doing many different hobbies before starting art. In fact I began art during my late thirties - yes it's true, thats after experimenting with sewing, pattern making, pottery and loads of other creative projects.


During my pottery lesson my teacher asked if I had ever done art before and my immediate reply was No, never entered my mind. She then encouraged me to do art because I spent so much time decorating the pots. Well as coincidence happens, not a week later my mom approached me that there was a lady in our area starting to teach beginners art. I took that as a sign from God and I began art and never looked back.

All it takes is desire and decision. There are millions of self help books and  videos, but I strongly suggest to learn to draw first and it's best to join a class, there you will be encouraged and develop one step at a time. You will begin to see the world in a different way.

You can start to being an artist by removing any doubt or fear and pick up that pencil or paint brush. This will be a life long journey that will give you so much joy.